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One of my favorite (functional) cameras is the Fuji Instax 500AF.

After all the Polaroid film for the SX-70 expired. I stumbled upon a bunch of old Instax 200 and film at a camera show and started using them. It was fun but I wanted more control over the exposure.

Below is a comparison against the more common Instax 200/300.
The key difference is being able to turn off the flash, have longer exposure, and have tripod mount. The auto focus is also a great plus against the zone focus.

Instax 500AF on the left, Instax 200 on the right. The Instax 500AF was first announced in 1999, it was discontinued after a short run and became a cult classic. It is quite hard to find unless you are willing to pay some serious money from Japanese sellers.

Below are images from the Instax 500, capturing our daily life.

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SamWacky Camera – Fuji Instax 500AF

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  1. Jacob

    I agree. the best instant camera of today. i always loved how instant photos looked. nothing can replicate that. no matter what you do in digital cameras. this has a feel like no other. its a shame that the legendary Polaroid is out. the impossible film sucks big time compared to awesomeness of fujifilm. the instant film king of today

    i am really thankful that i got the 500 af. at a huge bargain. it came new!. also it has much better functionally than the 210/300. i cannot believe that you cannot turn off the flash. that is completely ridiculous. also the auto focus is phenomenal. i glad u paid the extra getting the 500 than the 300.

    for the OP. not sure if you tired it. but Polaroid packfilm cameras(1960s) are also awesome. check out the 250 or the 103. fuji also make their films(fuji 100 c) unfortunately. i only find them online. while i can find the instax films everywhere.

    but it really needs a pro to use it correctly. when i mean pro i mean that as a pro of the old days. since it is a completely different experience. the shutter speed is VERY slow so you need an ultra steady hands. . sensitive manual focus and dark/light. etc. it is not forgiving like the instax 500 af. but when done right. it is very rewarding. satisfying and extremely beautiful. no doubt worth a shot

    i am so glad that fuji still make films. without them film photography is dead to me. also

    very nice photos. especially the ones on the balcony. but also they are not good because of the camera alone. because as they say. it mostly depends on the person who took the photo :).

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