Ludwik’s Bachelor Canoe Trip

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Frontenac Provincial Park. 8 Guys, 4 Canoes, 3 Days, 10 lbs of steak.

This was the route that we had planned, a good mix of paddling/portage and time to relax.

Coming from Montreal, New York City, Kitchener, Ottawa, Mississauga, Toronto, Oshawa. It was amazing that we all arrived within 15mins of each other!

Loaded up our packs and off we go.

We stopped at the tip of Big Salmon Lake for the lookout as well as break for lunch.

First portage, we definitely overpacked and had to double back for a second trip.

Arriving at site 13 and setting up our tents.

The water was very warm in the late afternoon so we all jumped in!

For dinner we had frozen 2 packs of costco steak, it was about 10lbs of meat for 8 people.

The man getting married soon.

Finishing touches to just char the outside, it was delicious!

Dishes, hang up the food bag and then a couple games of werewolf.

Next morning, the long awaited espresso prepared by our in-house expert.

Set off again.

Another gorgeous day.

The cliffs and rock formations were spectacular at Black Lake, so we stopped and took advantage of that.

We got to the site 9 by noon and had the afternoon to explore and swim.

Using tri-hull frigate to go against the wind.

Tried to find an abandoned mine but it was not there…..

Dinner was curry cous cous with pan fried vegetables.

There were a lot of fireflies but it is very difficult to capture.

In the morning we set off from Little Clear Lake. Ryan carrying his rubbermaid bin of doom.

Cross the lake, traverse a 1km portage, and then paddle out Big Salmon Lake to the launch area.

Stop for some jumps of course…. :)

We stopped at Kingston for lunch before we all parted ways again.

A great trip especially with the good weather!

SamLudwik’s Bachelor Canoe Trip

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