Taiwan – Taichung Area [臺中市]

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Continuing from Cing Jing [清境] up in the mountains. We spent the next few days exploring the area around Taichung City [臺中市].
Driving south on our day trip, we drove along dense bamboo forests. Here they are selling freshly dug-up bamboo shoots.

Local train station, so cool!

Kiddies hanging out, we were getting a lot of stares from the Uppababy stroller.

Excited to visit the Xitou Monster Village [溪头妖怪村]!

It is a small town surrounded by forest lined with small shops selling food and souvenirs.

There is heavy Japanese influence, reminds me a lot of the setting from the movie Spritied Away

The monster themed decorations are really well done, live actors interacting with visitors and perform scheduled shows.

Lastly…a streetcar with arms sticking out! We left the monster village around 3pm to let the kids take a nap.

Arriving at the Gaomei Wetlands [高美溼地] around sunset with a winding boardwalk that stretched out to sea and prevent damage to the wetlands.

Very peaceful to watch the wind turbines against the orange glow.

Very elaborate temples maintained by fishermen in the area.

The next day we spent some time exploring Taichung city.

Came across a market, locals actually ride their motorbikes through the busy street and pick up necessities along the way.

With the motorbikes and pedestrians, it can be pretty chaotic.

Trying out local dishes.

Rainbow Family Village (彩虹眷村), an area painted by a 93-year-old veteran, Huang Yung-fu.

In 2009, the village built from the 1940s was scheduled for demolition, after all his neighbours moved out Huang started painting the walls.

Colorful, fun, simple patterns line every wall around all 11 of the remaining houses.

The local students soon started posting images online and now the area is protected. “Uncle Huang” still lives in the same house to this day.

Hello Kitty Car at the night market!

SamTaiwan – Taichung Area [臺中市]

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