Canoe Trip at Algonquin Park

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The 2nd annual all boys canoe trip!

The Crew!

A plot of the loop we took over the 3 days.

We started the day at Lake Opeongo. Pushed off around 1pm on Friday.

Enthusiastic Ryan even under a heavy rainstorm.

We were able to see 2 moose(es?) in the marsh area.

Getting ready for our first portage at 2.2km to Happy Isle Lake.

With black flies & mosquitoes in peak season, little could prepare us for the onslaught.

We even have to hop over big fallen trees with our canoes.

Fleeing the shore once we arrive at the other end!

A small cloud of bugs that latched on for the ride

We managed to find a campsite with a strong wind.

Delicious Costco steaks!

Flame charred chunks

Black flies feasts on Ludwik, about 20 bloody bites just behind his left ear.

Next day we set out towards Redrock Lake.

We proudly named this “Death Island”

A close-up of the cormorant nests

What happens when 5 engineers, 3 canoes, 1 tarp, and lots of wind?

A tri-hull sailboat! Definitely an improvement from last year’s tri-hull frigate.

Arriving at camp 2 after a sudden down turn in weather.

Portrait of the crew’s fine fashion.

Smokey fire is helpful in warding off the bugs.

Eventually we were forced into the tent to play a tricky Russian card game.

Final day we set off early on a very calm lake.

Lightning & rain as we approach the outfitter.

Pack everything back up and off to a hot lunch!

SamCanoe Trip at Algonquin Park

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