Dog Sledding in Collingwood

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With Brian as our guide, Terry, Carmen and I ventured off to a day of adventures in Collingwood, about 2hrs North of Toronto. Meeting bright and early, we made good progress in Brian’s modified Jeep Cherokee. There was fresh snow the night before and the jeep feels extremely stable in the snow. Off-roading in some small back roads. At one …

SamDog Sledding in Collingwood

A Walk in the Park with FA*300mm

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It is crunch time for projects, labs, and reports but I just couldn’t resist the nice weather and went out for some shooting. I took the FA*300mm/4.5 ED [IF] and focused my attention on the Canadian Geese in the park. The lens never cease to amaze me with its resolving power, here you can see the water droplet falling from …

SamA Walk in the Park with FA*300mm

Kimchi Workout

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After our last failure with KimChi’s diet we have to tackle the matter from another angle. Here he is sun-tanning himself after a nice meal. So instead of cutting his calorie intake we have devised a workout plan for him. Now he has to work for his food in the form of push-ups and chin-ups. But alas we got out-smarted …

SamKimchi Workout

Kimchi Diet

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So a while ago, we realized that Kimchi is getting fat. AJung performed the fat test (see if his can fit all his legs into the shell) and Kimchi failed spectacularly. The instructions on the turtle food container suggested “Feed as much as the turtle can consume for 15minutes.” Well Kimchi can probably finish the entire container in 15minutes. When …

SamKimchi Diet