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As a very small country measuring 42 by 23 km in size, high ranking Singapore government officials are better paid than president of the USA. Its government has very high decision making power but does not abuse the power, the corruption rate is one of the world’s lowest. Their subway, known as the MRT, is extremely well planned out and …


Back from Boston

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The past week in Boston went by way too fast, but I did get to catch-up with friends and co-workers. On Sunday night, Pat, Ryan and I went to the St.Anthony’s Feast in the North End. Feast is definitely a good word to describe the North End. There were lots of food, drinks, games, and concerts but I still don’t …

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Back in Canada!

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So on Monday I went on a whale watch, it was a beautiful day with a very calm sea (1-2ft swells). I was amazed at the size of the whales, at one point we were moving parallel with a fin whale and it was bigger than our boat! A lot of time they surface, everyone rushes over but the whale …

SamBack in Canada!

New England Aquarium

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My second visit to the New England Aquarium. This time it was pretty empty, probably due to the snowstorm from the previous day, I wanted to take my time and just read about the different species. I love aquariums with its dark and mysterious atmosphere, but it also makes taking pictures really difficult. Interesting event this week: I had rounded …

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Sam: “Alright guys I have just bought the tickets…where is Bermuda?” Randy: “No idea” Paul: “Not a clue…isn’t it Bristish?” That was how our weekend trip to Bermuda began. We had no idea where this country is or what to do there….all we know is that it sounded warm. Planning for the trip wasn’t easy since Paul were away for …


Bean in Beantown

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The haddock pie was really tasty. My jackfruit bubbletea was quite refreshing…but what is jackfruit?!?! New England Aquarium: A giant tank in the middle of the building with other exhibits along the sides.

SamBean in Beantown