Baby Photoshoot – Celisse Chan

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Karen and Lawrence Chan’s baby girl, Celisse, born on Feb 23, 2012. It was great to visit them at their house and do a quick photoshoot. Their dog, Kala, is really caring towards the baby. It also knows so many commands/tricks! Being just over a month old, I was surprised at how active Celisse was. She was constantly moving or …

SamBaby Photoshoot – Celisse Chan

Baby Photoshoot – Caeden Evan Morrison

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I had the opportunity to take some photos at the Morrison’s home on Oct 2nd, just as Caeden was turning 3 weeks old. It was a lot of fun shooting with Ian and Nikki, who were extremely accommodating and easy going. What a cozy room for the baby! Big yawn from the baby, though he is resisting sleep to see …

SamBaby Photoshoot – Caeden Evan Morrison