Back from Boston

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The past week in Boston went by way too fast, but I did get to catch-up with friends and co-workers. On Sunday night, Pat, Ryan and I went to the St.Anthony’s Feast in the North End. Feast is definitely a good word to describe the North End. There were lots of food, drinks, games, and concerts but I still don’t …

SamBack from Boston

Back in Canada!

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So on Monday I went on a whale watch, it was a beautiful day with a very calm sea (1-2ft swells). I was amazed at the size of the whales, at one point we were moving parallel with a fin whale and it was bigger than our boat! A lot of time they surface, everyone rushes over but the whale …

SamBack in Canada!

Leaving Boston

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In about 24hrs I will be hopping on the bus and heading back to Canada. It has been an amazing term and I am going to miss the people I work, live, hang out with. Goodbye Boston. Last thing I did at work: Souped-up Randy’s car. I think the stickers gave him an extra 10HP! I am going to miss …

SamLeaving Boston

Dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy

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Went with about 15 co-workers to Maggiano’s Little Italy for dinner. This is an all-you-can-eat family style restaurant, they will keep replenishing until you are satisfied. From the full page menu we chose: Appetizers: Calamari Fritte * Stuffed Mushrooms Salads: Caesar Salad * Maggiano’s Salad Pasta: Fettucine Alfredo with Broccoli * Gnocchi in Tomato Vodka Sauce Entrees: Chicken Saltimbocca * …

SamDinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy

Fenway Park

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On the way to the game, we found out that this was the first game for Daisuke Matsuzaka “Dice-K”, their record high $103 million dollar pitcher. When he got on the pitching mount, the whole stadium was blinking with camera flashes. I was still a little chilly to be sitting outside for 3hrs so the fans were not as wild …

SamFenway Park

Boston Sunset

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Tried to drive through downtown Boston during rush hour. On the map it seemed fairly direct, until I realized that 80% of the roads are one-way streets. There is 1 rule: Don’t get hit. 3 weeks left in the term…I am serious this entire term seems shorter than the 2 exam weeks!

SamBoston Sunset