Formal Party Shots

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So Allison sent me an email asking me to help her out and photograph some of her friends as they gather at her house to attend a formal party. Well I showed up at her house and then she informed me that there will be 60 ladies as well as their dates! I was starting to wonder whether I brought …

SamFormal Party Shots

Bending the rules….

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Saturday morning, Ryan and I went to the Boston Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. It was pretty interesting but I think this year the robots are not as robust as the ones from previous years. There was a lot of team spirit and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in the afternoon and it has some really amazing exhibits. …

SamBending the rules….

New England Aquarium

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My second visit to the New England Aquarium. This time it was pretty empty, probably due to the snowstorm from the previous day, I wanted to take my time and just read about the different species. I love aquariums with its dark and mysterious atmosphere, but it also makes taking pictures really difficult. Interesting event this week: I had rounded …

SamNew England Aquarium

St.Patrick’s Day Parade

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Boston is the highest percentage of Irish population in the US and so it is no surprise that it also has one of the biggest St.Patrick’s Day celebration. The Parade was not the most spectaular in terms of float construction but it certainly was unique. I will let the pictures demostrate my point. We were all getting pretty cold standing …

SamSt.Patrick’s Day Parade

Bruin’s game

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Ryan’s parents were visitng Boston last weekend and his dad managed to get some Bruin’s tickets and was very kind to invite me to the game. It was very surprising that there were equal number of fans between the teams and it was a really loud crowd with lots of booing and cheering. “I’m drinking Hennessey, with Morrissey, on a …

SamBruin’s game

USS John F. Kennedy

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So friday night I flipped open the newspaper and realized that there is an aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy, is making her last stop in Boston before being retired. I called up Randy and he had to go downtown at 6am to go snowboarding but he said he could give me a lift to the harbor. We got to …

SamUSS John F. Kennedy