Wedding in Boston

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So this past weekend I attended my future landlord’s daughter’s wedding. Due to the rain the wedding was moved into the banquet hall with just chandelier light pointing up to the ceiling. I had left my external flash in Canada so it was very challenging to get the shots to come out.

SamWedding in Boston

Yummy Burgers!

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Today Hong went out and bought some fresh beef and we grilled some burgers for dinner. These 1/2lb burgers are so thick, juicy I need to put them down for another reason in the ‘why I don’t want to be a vegetarian’ list. I made sure to put in lots of veggies to make it a little healthier. haha. Finally …

SamYummy Burgers!

Obervation #1

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Americans love routines. They like to do the same job, eat the same food, hang out with the same people, watch the same shows…etc. Even on their vacations they know exactly what will happen. They will be lying on a beach, have the chance to eat as much as they want, whatever they want, and whenever they want. No surprises. …

SamObervation #1

Boston Zoo

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What happens when you put two immature 20 something guys together and put them in a zoo? You get this. This is Randy. He is a Waterloo Mechanical Grad and we are working in the same company. At work, we stand together to fight against those Americans that use Fahrenheit, Gallons, and Inches… Sunday’s weather was perfect. Blue sky with …

SamBoston Zoo

Moving again?!

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Random Photo: Toronto Lakeshore So this past two weeks I have been very busy looking for housing… My landlord has just sold the house and even though in the beginning he had promised that we can stay till August 25th the new owners have to move in by the end of this month so we are getting evicted. It is …

SamMoving again?!

Copley Area

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It is raining again in Boston. This weekend I took up my fisheye lens and head down to try some interior shots. The green line is the oldest subway system in the United States and its paths are very convoluted and hence it screeches a lot and you really have to hold on tight. It was also nice to see …

SamCopley Area