In the Motherland, One Action at a Time

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Things spinning out of control and I find myself working on the assembly line to help increase production. Luckily I brought along a nice set of Snap-On gloves! Zhang, 3rd on the left, cooks a mean curry and Sue, 7th on the right, is currently the bottleneck in the line. Break is over, back to work! Hope to have more …

SamIn the Motherland, One Action at a Time

Yunnan (雲南) Pt.2

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Continuing on my journey in Yunnan, China. I visited the Black Dragon Pond at 6am and there was a lot of people doing their morning excercises. They were walking around, stretching, and screaming back and forth from different hilltops. An old lady collecting firewood for cooking. In those regions the wives do all the job around the house, farm, and …

SamYunnan (雲南) Pt.2

Adventures in Yunnan (雲南) Pt.1

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Things have been pretty hectic and I finally got around to sort through the photos from the trip. Since I was traveling alone I brought a relatively compact setup consisted of a Pentax K20D, FA 31mm, DA 12-24mm, and DA 18-250mm that all fit inside the trusty Pelican Case. I flew from Hong Kong to Kunming (昆明)for 12 days of …

SamAdventures in Yunnan (雲南) Pt.1

Weekend in Guangxi, 廣西

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I have never been on a long-distance bus trip in China before and on Friday 8pm I was baffled to see a bus divided into sleeping quarters and have minimal room for storing luggage. There was no set schedule and the us drivers are willing to circle the city until full-capacity and also get into small alleys to pick up …

SamWeekend in Guangxi, 廣西

Life in China

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The past week I was in China and I had some opportunity to visit a local market. A barber shop at a street corner. I asked a co-worker to get a haircut together but he refused. Fruit stands selling lychee in drive-through style. Man-powered taxis passing by each other. Construction cranes at the outskirts of the ever-expanding cities. I have …

SamLife in China