Weekend in Guangxi, 廣西

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I have never been on a long-distance bus trip in China before and on Friday 8pm I was baffled to see a bus divided into sleeping quarters and have minimal room for storing luggage. There was no set schedule and the us drivers are willing to circle the city until full-capacity and also get into small alleys to pick up …

SamWeekend in Guangxi, 廣西


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In about 12hrs I will be waiting to board the plane that will take me back to Toronto, Canada. These past 3 and a half months have been an eyeopener for me in many ways and to see different parts of China with my own eyes. I wonder if the hustle and bustle lifestyle of Hong Kong/China has left a …


Temple Street, 廟街

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Temple Street is perhaps best known for its night market. The market contains anything from antiques, paintings, toys, ‘novelty’ toys, clothes, walking sticks, flashlights, cellphone accessories, karaoke discs, fake watches, handbags…. There are very no price tags in Temple Street because the prices are tailored to different customer. The bargaining phenomenon between locals is quite a sight. “How much is …

SamTemple Street, 廟街

The Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, 中元節

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In Chinese tradition, the middle of the seventh month is the ghost month where the ghosts and spirits come back to visit. The ‘temples’ for the festival were constructed out of bamboo and tin sheets. These structures can be assembled and taken apart in a matter of days. During the festival the living descendants pay homage to their ancestors by …

SamThe Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, 中元節