All in a Day’s Work

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Due to the small living quarters in Hong Kong, those that cook at home like to go grocery shopping everyday in order to get the freshest ingredients and also save space. Therefore there are many local markets near residential area, a place for the shoppers to chit-chat, compare goods, and stay a top local gossips. Picking the meat of your …

SamAll in a Day’s Work

Life in China

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The past week I was in China and I had some opportunity to visit a local market. A barber shop at a street corner. I asked a co-worker to get a haircut together but he refused. Fruit stands selling lychee in drive-through style. Man-powered taxis passing by each other. Construction cranes at the outskirts of the ever-expanding cities. I have …

SamLife in China

The People of Hong Kong

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The high population density and small living quarters have a large impact on the lifestyle on the local population. The people are very intense and rushed. In office buildings as the elevator door is opening, someone would be jamming on the close button… During line-ups they always think the one next to them is moving faster and can’t seem to …

SamThe People of Hong Kong

Plover Cove Reservoir / Tai Mei Tuk

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This Saturday, I joined 8 other co-workers to go on a hike. According to another co-worker it is ‘relatively easy’ and from the guide book it looks like a well-paved trails with local restaurants along the way. So I wore an old pair of running shoes that I stole from my grandpa….the soles have fallen off on a previous trip. …

SamPlover Cove Reservoir / Tai Mei Tuk

The People of Aberdeen

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New meets old. The boat people living in Aberdeen seems to be untouched by the changes around them. The wooden boats with their canvas tops move endlessly between the grid-like larger fishing vessels. Different boats take on specialized roles, some are for tourists, some for transporting goods, and some are use for community gatherings. There is order in this seemingly …

SamThe People of Aberdeen

At the Train Station

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Even though I have been warned numerous times about the safety in the city, I just couldn’t resist taking a little walk at the Dongquan train station to understand the way of life in this city. There are a mixture of people in the train station. Some are excited, some anxious, some grumpy, and some are indifferent. They all have …

SamAt the Train Station