Wacky Camera – Fuji Instax 500AF

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One of my favorite (functional) cameras is the Fuji Instax 500AF. After all the Polaroid film for the SX-70 expired. I stumbled upon a bunch of old Instax 200 and film at a camera show and started using them. It was fun but I wanted more control over the exposure. Below is a comparison against the more common Instax 200/300. …

SamWacky Camera – Fuji Instax 500AF

Two Olympus OMD EM-5 Bodies!

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Recently acquired two used Olympus OMD EM-5 bodies to expand on the Micro Four Thirds family! Looking back on the history of the compact system: – Sept, 2010: First started the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. – Oct, 2012: While trying Horace’s Olympus EP1, I fell in love with the 20mm F1.7 lens and bought into the M4/3 system with a Panasonic …

SamTwo Olympus OMD EM-5 Bodies!

How to Backup ALL Your Digital Memories for $11.99USD/Year

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In this digital age, the abundance of data is certainly a blessing and curse, how do we go about protecting our data? It is often something we regret not doing after a catastropic data loss. For me a big fear is harddrive failure, partially because I don’t have a RAID setup for my computer. I have duplicate harddrives and off-site …

SamHow to Backup ALL Your Digital Memories for $11.99USD/Year

Photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2

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This past week, while holding Amber in one hand and working on the computer, I decided to go through my photos on my cellphone. Here are 10 images from around Toronto over the years. To those that know me, I don’t use my cellphone much and am really bad at picking up the phone….so most people resort to calling Carmen …

SamPhotos with my Samsung Galaxy S2

Wacky Camera – Voltron Star Shooter 110

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Following the same wacky camera series, which I previously featured Polaroid SX-70. This week I am going to showcase the Voltron Star Shooter 110, a transforming camera takes pictures!! Film loading compartment, unfortunately 110 film has been discontinued for the most part so I haven’t had a chance to run a roll through it. Camera was made in 1985 in …

SamWacky Camera – Voltron Star Shooter 110