5 Years of Marriage!

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Dear Carmen, it’s been 5 years since we shared our vows! Thanks for being the most awesome wife, mother, partner-in-crime! Frisbee, winter camping, frostbite… Moving 4 times and setting up our home during this time. Travelling, riding on bus roofs, roughing & winging it as we go. Getting ready for the biggest change to our lives. Facing the ups & …

Sam5 Years of Marriage!

Amber is TWO Year Old!

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It is so much fun to see post from 1 year old and how much has changed. We were living with my parents for 6 months and it was a great time of bonding and exploring for Amber. Going on play dates and making friends. Now learning how to share (working on it…) Showers are fine, but brushing teeth is …

SamAmber is TWO Year Old!

Amber is 18 Months Old!

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Wow it has been 1.5yr already. This little girl is now very chatty and loves to boss everyone around. She can sing a few songs, say “Amomo” for Animal crackers, and “Peasssssee” (Please). Hanging out with Ludwik & Angela one Saturday afternoon. She ate the entire Popsicle, mom was sad. Grandma bought her own watering can. No eating markers! (Are …

SamAmber is 18 Months Old!

Liberty Out!

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We recently moved out of our condo in Liberty Village, we are staying at my parent’s place for a few months till we settle into a new place. It was pretty hectic packing for the move, we took 2 full days to pack while Amber was in daycare. Mad dash to the finish! It was a bitter sweet feeling. We …

SamLiberty Out!

Amber is ONE Year Old!

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Amber just celebrated her 1st birthday this past weekend. Can’t believe it has already been 1-year since her birth. Trouble….she knows where the snacks cabinet is… She loves to crawl all over the place and explore. Bath time is with daddy. Newest discovery is anti-gravity duck that is suctioned to her back..haha! Finally she can sit comfortably in the high …

SamAmber is ONE Year Old!

The Inauqural Family Biking Day!

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The inaugural bike ride with Amber along the Toronto harborfront. I have been so excited to try out the kid bike trailer but every time was told Amber is still too young to sit inside. A couple weeks ago, weather was sunny and a brisk 2 DegC. I couldn’t wait any longer or Winter would be here. It took a …

SamThe Inauqural Family Biking Day!