Uncle Sammy!

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I am an UNCLE?! I certainly don’t feel like one, nor do I act like one. This weekend we met up with our cousins and hung out with their kids. It was so much fun! At first they were a bit shy and played with their own toys and amongst themselves. But once it got started…..there was no stopping. “Do …

SamUncle Sammy!

Canada Day Weekend

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For the Canada Day long weekend I decided to stay in Waterloo. On Saturday I went out with family to nearby towns around Waterloo. We had some yummy pastries and walked around the Grand River. Horace got himself a few pet frogs. On Sunday, 7 of us went fishing near Fergus, we first dropped by Canadian Tire to buy 2 …

SamCanada Day Weekend

St.Jacobs Farmer’s Market

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Family at St. Jacobs. Enjoying live music, smell of fresh pastries, and chatting on the balcony. Crunch time: 4 exams to go! I think I am developing ADD, I can’t sit still anymore…and if I sit still, that’s because I have fallen asleep. It sucks that coffee does nothing to me, I am at a severe disadvantage.

SamSt.Jacobs Farmer’s Market

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for always being there for me, being so supportive and giving me great advice. After going to university I have been living away from home and I soon realized how hard it is to keep my little room in an acceptable condition with all the chores that I normally neglect. I am in awe …

SamHappy Mother’s Day!