Nikon F3HP – Roll 1

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Recently I came into possession of a Nikon F3 Package. I am very excited to own this legendary photojournalist camera that was introduced in 1980. The Package includes 5 lenses, 1 tele-converter, 2 interchangeable viewfinders, 2 focus screens, and 2 flashes. Kicking things off I put in a roll of a ASA400 B&W film and below are the results. Of …

SamNikon F3HP – Roll 1

Hong Kong – January 2015 (MF 120 Roll Film)

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Shots taken in Hong Kong from early January. Here is a view of the Victoria Harbor. Camera: Yashica Mat-124G Film: Kodak Professional Portra 400 (120 Roll) This one got a little bit out of focus, oops! Horse racing day is a big deal in Hong Kong, you can find a lot of people glued to the radio and TV monitors …

SamHong Kong – January 2015 (MF 120 Roll Film)

France Trip Captured in 120 Film

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Even lugging around my main setup, Yashica Mat-124G along. I didn’t shoot that many rolls of film so this feels like a very brief synopsis of our trip. More to come! Didn’t load properly…a bit cut off. A small town in Normandy. We were there accompanying the talented T’ang Quartet from Singapore in Burgundy. Leslie & Carmen right before a …

SamFrance Trip Captured in 120 Film

Montreal Visit in 120 Film

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Having dinner in early May: L: I will be in Montreal for the long weekend, anyone want to join? O: That sound good. I am in, we can carpool. S: OK, so shall we meet Friday after work? O: Let’s give A a surprise! B: Nice, I will be nearby and meet up with you guys. Meanwhile A is having …

SamMontreal Visit in 120 Film

Tai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong

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Recently got around to scanning the Yashica Mat-124G negatives taken during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. Even with the instant feedback and convenience of digital systems, it is another beast altogether to use the light-meter, set all the dials, cock the shutter, and focus on the subject. I ventured out to Tai Po Market one Sunday just to wander …

SamTai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong