Second Roll with Pentax 645

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After developing the First Roll with the Pentax 645, I quickly reloaded with some ISO400 film and tried out some different subject matters. Many of these shots were taken during the Christmas and New Years break. Here is Main Street in Unionville. Film is fast growing on me and nowadays I find myself reaching for the film camera more than …

SamSecond Roll with Pentax 645

Going Old-School: POLAROIDS

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In September I had picked up a cheap Polaroid JobPro Camera. I was really excited but was disappointed to find out the film has been discontinued. After some patient internet searches I got hold some film and was able to use the camera! In terms of features there is really not much to control for the Jobpro series Polariod cameras, …

SamGoing Old-School: POLAROIDS

First Roll with Yashica Mat-124G

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The Yashica Mat-124G is a 6×6 Medium Format twin lens reflex. This is the first roll using this camera, I had to use another camera as a make-shift light meter and all the shots were handheld. In terms of operation it is quite different from the typical modern cameras due to the waist level viewer and adjustment knobs. I am …

SamFirst Roll with Yashica Mat-124G