Hong Kong – January 2015 (MF 120 Roll Film)

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Shots taken in Hong Kong from early January. Here is a view of the Victoria Harbor. Camera: Yashica Mat-124G Film: Kodak Professional Portra 400 (120 Roll) This one got a little bit out of focus, oops! Horse racing day is a big deal in Hong Kong, you can find a lot of people glued to the radio and TV monitors …

SamHong Kong – January 2015 (MF 120 Roll Film)

France Trip Captured in 120 Film

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Even lugging around my main setup, Yashica Mat-124G along. I didn’t shoot that many rolls of film so this feels like a very brief synopsis of our trip. More to come! Didn’t load properly…a bit cut off. A small town in Normandy. We were there accompanying the talented T’ang Quartet from Singapore in Burgundy. Leslie & Carmen right before a …

SamFrance Trip Captured in 120 Film

Montreal Visit in 120 Film

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Having dinner in early May: L: I will be in Montreal for the long weekend, anyone want to join? O: That sound good. I am in, we can carpool. S: OK, so shall we meet Friday after work? O: Let’s give A a surprise! B: Nice, I will be nearby and meet up with you guys. Meanwhile A is having …

SamMontreal Visit in 120 Film

Tai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong

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Recently got around to scanning the Yashica Mat-124G negatives taken during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. Even with the instant feedback and convenience of digital systems, it is another beast altogether to use the light-meter, set all the dials, cock the shutter, and focus on the subject. I ventured out to Tai Po Market one Sunday just to wander …

SamTai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong

University of Waterloo, in 120 Film

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Toward the end of 4B, knowing the school is undergoing many changes, many of the student teams and labs would soon be moved to the new E5 building. I really wanted to capture the different parts of university life of 2009. There was something lacking with digital camera, too much focus on aspects such as sharpness, color, and noise of …

SamUniversity of Waterloo, in 120 Film