Yashica, Round 2

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The Yashica Mat-124G is back. This time with a bit of everything, still learning all the buttons and knobs. St.Jacob Farmer’s Market, I learned about the local Shrine club from these gentlemen. Toques and gloves for the winter. I had intended to focus on the man but he was moving too much for my fingers. Pizza Nova, our Sunday one-stop …

SamYashica, Round 2

First Roll with Yashica Mat-124G

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The Yashica Mat-124G is a 6×6 Medium Format twin lens reflex. This is the first roll using this camera, I had to use another camera as a make-shift light meter and all the shots were handheld. In terms of operation it is quite different from the typical modern cameras due to the waist level viewer and adjustment knobs. I am …

SamFirst Roll with Yashica Mat-124G