Christmas Cookies!

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Every Christmas I look forward to the sumptuous Christmas dinners and potlucks. This year I think my favorites are the beautifully decorated treats for my sweet tooth! Ginger bread cookies decorated for church Christmas dinner! Cupcakes and cookies made by my friend Aly for her birthday party! Salvaging some broken cookies into handicap ginger bread men by yours truly. Cute …

SamChristmas Cookies!

Cottage Weekend!

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Jenn was very kind to invite us high school friends to her cottage over the long weekend! View from the living room. Breakfasts consist of french toast, scrambled eggs, hash brown, bacon, and fried bananas! The entire group crammed onto the row boat for the group photo. :) Walking over to a nearby resort for some Frisbee and ice cream. …

SamCottage Weekend!

Going Old-School: POLAROIDS

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In September I had picked up a cheap Polaroid JobPro Camera. I was really excited but was disappointed to find out the film has been discontinued. After some patient internet searches I got hold some film and was able to use the camera! In terms of features there is really not much to control for the Jobpro series Polariod cameras, …

SamGoing Old-School: POLAROIDS

Kimchi Workout

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After our last failure with KimChi’s diet we have to tackle the matter from another angle. Here he is sun-tanning himself after a nice meal. So instead of cutting his calorie intake we have devised a workout plan for him. Now he has to work for his food in the form of push-ups and chin-ups. But alas we got out-smarted …

SamKimchi Workout

Quick Tour of Shanghai

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Fun fact: Shanghai has a population of over 20million while the population of Canada is 33million. With the black rainstorm and long weekend the airport was overloaded and after sitting on the runway for a long time we were finally off to a bumpy ride. A 2.5hr flight turned into a 9hr trip from door to door. Upon arriving at …

SamQuick Tour of Shanghai

LBA: Pentax SMC-M 50mm F/1.2

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A while ago, I said I would stop buying manual focus lenses. But I just couldn’t stop myself from trying the legendary 50mm F/1.2. Even though it is more cumbersome to manually adjust everything but this lens can make everything seem surreal with its buttery smooth bokeh. We went to Dos Amigos to celebrate Charlie’s birthday. The service was a …

SamLBA: Pentax SMC-M 50mm F/1.2