Reading Week

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After a grueling week of midterm cramming and getting demolished by the last exam. We decided to go for sushi buffet to to eat our depression away. This is the block diagram for the bowl of ice-cream. It was a nice excuse for me to use the camera again and capture some of the silliness. Ben stealing peas, getting burned …

SamReading Week


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Sam: “Alright guys I have just bought the tickets…where is Bermuda?” Randy: “No idea” Paul: “Not a clue…isn’t it Bristish?” That was how our weekend trip to Bermuda began. We had no idea where this country is or what to do there….all we know is that it sounded warm. Planning for the trip wasn’t easy since Paul were away for …


New York City

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This past long weekend I went to NYC and met up with Elvin, Kathy, and Elton. I hopped on the LuckyStar bus at 3pm but didn’t get to New York until 8:40pm. I was ready to chew on the armrest… Well once I arrived in NYC Chinatown I had a hard time finding the subway station so I had to …

SamNew York City

Post Exam in Mongolian

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Done and done! Class party at Mongolian was a lot of fun and a good way to wrap up the term. We flooded Mongolian and the waitress had to shove us aside to get through. All the boys and they pansy-ass Martinis! AJung and Utsav arm-wrestling…then showing off their guns. haha Fatin wanted to eat my camera! Paul seeking revenge …

SamPost Exam in Mongolian

RTOS -> 10 days left

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Real Time Operating System fast approaching. The hardest part about such a big program is debugging, trying to follow a bug jumping through hoops is not fun. Wosrt Enemy: Core Dump. Ohh well, if all else fails, a delicious waffle at William’s always makes me smile.

SamRTOS -> 10 days left

Thanksgiving Weekend

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A long weekend that is too short. But good nonetheless. Thanksgiving Baptismal Service, Congrats Herman! A lot of out-of-towners also came home for the weekend, some of them I haven’t seen for over half a year. Sunday night, the high school friends gathered at Kathy’s house for a potluck. Kathy and Elton’s turkey was superb. There was also squash soup, …

SamThanksgiving Weekend