Life in Waterloo

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Here is an example of what happens when I am bored in class: this is Ludwik’s eraser:After Brandon got a hold of it… Ludwik trying to be a rockstar. Nice try… Trying to feed 5 grown up boys can be a chore! This is last Saturday’s breakfast made by Ludwik and I to prepare for the double header soccer game.

SamLife in Waterloo

Sushi Lunch

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You would think that since all 4 of us are now over 20 we would be a little more grown up… I was busted for ‘spicing up’ Kathy’s food. They tried the same trick on our sushi but Ian ate it without even realizing it was rigged, we always manage to foil their evil plans! While Ian and I were …

SamSushi Lunch

Hurlcroft Block Party

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So this saturday I attended a block party on my street. Most of the families moved furniture onto the sidewalk, started the grill and enjoyed the nice weather. These electric toys were really entertaining to watch. With their hard rubber wheels the kids can spin the wheels and drift! We had a costume parade for the kids. Believe it or …

SamHurlcroft Block Party

Hiking at Mt. Cardigan

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Randy, Allison, and I left for Mount Cardigan, New Hampshire at around 8AM. We stopped at a local grocery store to pick up some snacks and food for lunch. The weather conditions were perfect with blue sky, puffy clouds and a cool breeze. Along the way up, we keep thinking we have reached the first peak until we get to …

SamHiking at Mt. Cardigan

Bean in Beantown

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The haddock pie was really tasty. My jackfruit bubbletea was quite refreshing…but what is jackfruit?!?! New England Aquarium: A giant tank in the middle of the building with other exhibits along the sides.

SamBean in Beantown

Peach Pie

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4 shot panoramic. Enjoy. Randy and I decided to make a pie. Our simplest solution was to use two pie crusts, one covering the other and bake it for an hour. Our peaches were too juicy so the pie didn’t really stay in shape but it was very tasty! Finally my laptop is back and running but then my external …

SamPeach Pie