Yummy Burgers!

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Today Hong went out and bought some fresh beef and we grilled some burgers for dinner. These 1/2lb burgers are so thick, juicy I need to put them down for another reason in the ‘why I don’t want to be a vegetarian’ list. I made sure to put in lots of veggies to make it a little healthier. haha. Finally …

SamYummy Burgers!

Weekend In New York

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After much planning and reading about New York, Randy and I decided to go visit the Big Apple. Right at 5pm we dropped our work and caught the subway to downtown Boston. We took the Fung Wah Bus (got to love the Chinese run businesses) which is half the price of Greyhound and is scheduled almost every hour of the …

SamWeekend In New York

Moving again?!

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Random Photo: Toronto Lakeshore So this past two weeks I have been very busy looking for housing… My landlord has just sold the house and even though in the beginning he had promised that we can stay till August 25th the new owners have to move in by the end of this month so we are getting evicted. It is …

SamMoving again?!

Wedding in Toronto

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Congradulation to the newly wed, Justin and Onika! I am very happy for you guys. Mr & Mrs Medina So Friday night I ran out of work and caught the last bus that takes me straight to Boston Downtown, took the subway to the I hate the US customs. They had to X-ray my bag like 4 times cause of …

SamWedding in Toronto

Leaving Toronto

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I am excited but at the same time I have never been away from home for this long. Even though I go to school in Waterloo but I can always go home during the term to restock on my mom’s goodies and other supplies. This time I will be 10hr away from home and be in a different country, the …

SamLeaving Toronto