The Disappearing Village

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A glance was all it took. I got curious how the buildings are inside the crowded corridor and approached the old woman. She told us most of the families have moved away already, to settle in a different part of the city in Government housing. How long have you lived here? Over 60 years and waiting for my notice to …

SamThe Disappearing Village

Hong Kong – B&W

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B&W, sometimes it is so liberating to be free from colors and focus on shapes and textures. Here are some shots taken from wandering around last weekend. Pure joy on his bicycle! Like father like son. Sunday is the holiday for the maids in Hong Kong. They congregate in areas like Central to meet with their friends, trade goods, and …

SamHong Kong – B&W

Week in Review – HKG & Dongguan

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On the road in Hong Kong and China for the next 2 weeks. Here are some snapshots along the way. Approaching Newark, New York. Cloudy day, the rest of his friends slept in. Passing through a storm enroute to a factory. The roads were flooding! A passing snap in a tunnel, wonder how long this man stood there.

SamWeek in Review – HKG & Dongguan

LBA: K-5 & DA WR 18-135mm

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Oh no, I caved in and got the Pentax K-5 & the SMC Pentax-DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 ED AL [IF] DC WR combo. The 18-135mm is really fast at focusing while being fairly compact, I think this will replace my 18-250mm my walk-around lens. Photo taken on Ping Chau over the weekend. The live view functions are pretty fast and convenient. …

SamLBA: K-5 & DA WR 18-135mm

Tai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong

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Recently got around to scanning the Yashica Mat-124G negatives taken during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. Even with the instant feedback and convenience of digital systems, it is another beast altogether to use the light-meter, set all the dials, cock the shutter, and focus on the subject. I ventured out to Tai Po Market one Sunday just to wander …

SamTai Po Market (大埔舊墟), Hong Kong