A Look into the New China

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Last Thursday and Friday I was in China visiting a factory. I was floored by the operations in the factory operation as well as the rapid development in China. There are also many funny incidents along the way. For example, seeing a large crowd doing the world famous ‘squat’ and seeing strange motorcycle contraptions and payload (I am convinced this …

SamA Look into the New China

Exploring Hung Hom

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I am trying hard to fit into to the Hong Kong culture and I am failing miserably. I think the cookie monster strapped to a giant backpack is a dead giveaway of a tourist. But being a tourist also has some advantages…so far I have managed to get discounts and free pastries for telling the owners about life in Canada. …

SamExploring Hung Hom

Welcome from Hong Kong

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About 13hrs into my flight to Hong Kong, I remembered why I haven’t gone back in the past 10 years. Long distance flying sucks. My stomach was acting so when we were landing I was holding onto the barf bag. My aunts have been my guides and now I am settled in my room in Mei Foo, which is 1 …

SamWelcome from Hong Kong