Daily Photostream!

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My brother and I have recently just launched a new daily photo blog. All the modification and theme icons are done by Horace, I think it looks fantastic! Visitors can play a little game to guess which one took the shot for that particular day. Winner gets the opportunity to travel all over Europe (at your own cost of course!). …

SamDaily Photostream!

After Midterm.

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Seems like this midterm week has been especially bad for our class, each successive exam got progressively more brutal and we had no time to recover. For Power Actuators, the first question part b asked “if 6.5kW and 2.0KVAR were added to the loaded would the transformer be able to hold the load?” There was no way it could fit …

SamAfter Midterm.

Macro Shots

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Just trying out some macro shots. It was a pretty windy day so made it pretty tough. Midterms starting in 3 days!! Brace myself for the impact. *Update* The weather forcast: Sunny and warm for the entire exam week (as usual)…

SamMacro Shots

New England Aquarium

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My second visit to the New England Aquarium. This time it was pretty empty, probably due to the snowstorm from the previous day, I wanted to take my time and just read about the different species. I love aquariums with its dark and mysterious atmosphere, but it also makes taking pictures really difficult. Interesting event this week: I had rounded …

SamNew England Aquarium

Shopping Spree

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I am addicted to Craigslist, no surprise! But I am worried I won’t be able to get my stuff home in a few months…that’d be tragic. I will probably leave all my clothes behind just to get all the toys home :) I love frost on my window – the patterns are really beautiful. Gotta love those leaky windows (not …

SamShopping Spree