Morning Frost

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A very cold morning where I didn’t want to leave my warm bed. But this view made me crawled over to get my camera. Randy invited us over for dinner. We had an authentic American evening with this bacon wrapping chicken wrapping cream cheese entrée and watching a football game at the same time. Our living room taken with my …

SamMorning Frost


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If I was a season I would want to be Fall. Dispite its short span in the year, it has the most brilliant colours. And of course…it is easy to spell :) What if trying hard is not enough?


RTOS -> 10 days left

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Real Time Operating System fast approaching. The hardest part about such a big program is debugging, trying to follow a bug jumping through hoops is not fun. Wosrt Enemy: Core Dump. Ohh well, if all else fails, a delicious waffle at William’s always makes me smile.

SamRTOS -> 10 days left


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Even though my work is not done, I can’t resist taking out my camera. I won’t let Engineering take over my life entirely. Since my current laptop’s USB drives are not working, I can’t get to any of my older files. So I can only upload recent shots taken in Waterloo. If anyone like OBSCURE music like my friend Ludwik, …