Revisiting Waterloo/Kitchener

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A couple weeks ago we visited Waterloo. First stop was St.Jacob’s Farmer’s market. “1 for $3; 2 for $5; 5 for $10”. Simple math tells me we were saving 33.3% but reality was we had to carry 5 loaves for the whole day… New building going up in Campus. Where did all the green space go?! The new E5 building. …

SamRevisiting Waterloo/Kitchener

University of Waterloo, in 120 Film

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Toward the end of 4B, knowing the school is undergoing many changes, many of the student teams and labs would soon be moved to the new E5 building. I really wanted to capture the different parts of university life of 2009. There was something lacking with digital camera, too much focus on aspects such as sharpness, color, and noise of …

SamUniversity of Waterloo, in 120 Film

End of Undergrad!

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I am officially finished all my undergraduate requirements and have moved back home! Similar to many of my friends, it still feels like we had just had just finished another school term but will see each other again in a few months. No more exams in the sweaty, stuffy PAC, the makeshift exam hall converted from the school gym. Below …

SamEnd of Undergrad!

FINE392 Final Project

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So for my last elective, I chose to try Art and Technology, a mixture of engineering and fine arts. The teams consist of both fine arts and engineering students that worked to create kinetic sculptures, interactive or expressive art piece. For the last project my group decided to create a visual display that corresponds with the heartbeat of the participant. …

SamFINE392 Final Project

IRS and Pancake Breakfast

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True to tradition we met up at Pat’s house and enjoyed some pancakes, bacon, and some alcoholic beverages the day before we get our rings. We also had a costume making party in the basement The theme of the costumes were, naturally, ROBOTS. We picked up a bunch of cardboard boxes, rolls of aluminum foil, duct tape, and misc stuff …

SamIRS and Pancake Breakfast

Mechatronics Design Symposium

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Our 8 months of blood and sweat all came down to this one afternoon when we could show it off and talk to visitors about our 4th year design projects at the student life center. Setup began at 10am and the Symposium officially started at 1am. This year we had 30 groups in the class and it was great to …

SamMechatronics Design Symposium