ARGO – 10 Days Left

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Symposium on the 23rd, 10days left. We took the ARGO out for test driving a few days ago and it is working really well with the joystick input, we flipped the switch for autonomous operations but ended up doing donuts and tearing up the field. This is the ARGO loaded onto the trailer, some of us had to sit on …

SamARGO – 10 Days Left

Engineering Gradball 2009

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School has been very hectic the last week. But with less than 1 month of classes left, it is time for some graduation themed posts. The Engineering Gradball took place at St.George Hall north of campus. About 600 graduating students attended the event and it was a great time to dress up and forget about school work for a while! …

SamEngineering Gradball 2009

Yashica, Round 2

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The Yashica Mat-124G is back. This time with a bit of everything, still learning all the buttons and knobs. St.Jacob Farmer’s Market, I learned about the local Shrine club from these gentlemen. Toques and gloves for the winter. I had intended to focus on the man but he was moving too much for my fingers. Pizza Nova, our Sunday one-stop …

SamYashica, Round 2

Gustav Bakos Observatory

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Many students come and go without knowing that University of Waterloo has an observatory that is located above the Physics building. This Wednesday I participated in the monthly public tour and it was a clear night to see the Orion Nebula. Even though it was it was -20degC, there was quite a big crowd to learn a bit about astronomy …

SamGustav Bakos Observatory

Marwikpolooza 2009

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Party at Unit 504 to celebrate Ludwik, Anthony, and Martin’s birthdays. Despite the snowstorm a lot of people still showed up to the party. With one half of the apartment for drinking and chatting, the other half holds the Battle of the Bands. Don’t know where the idea came from but Pat grabbed a pot and metal spoon for his …

SamMarwikpolooza 2009

ARGO Drive-By-Wire

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After weeks of building, prototyping, debugging, and hair-pulling we were able to drive the ARGO by remote control successfully. 5V-Check. 12V-Check. CCU-Check. AX-Check. Throttle-Check. Left -Check. Right-Check. Brakes-Check. Ignition. The first time starting up outside. We just pushed the ARGO in between two buildings and told other students to watch out. There were some hitches, we had limited the speed …

SamARGO Drive-By-Wire