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Midterms are over but we are not having an easier time. New record: 79% of our class failed the sensors exam. The average is 32.5%. For one of the questions, 94/99 got below 50%. The teacher still thinks it is all our fault. Q: Why was input response on the exam three times when we haven’t even mentioned it in …

SamProjects, Labs, and Assignments

Exams are over…

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So, the 5 exams in the past 5 days have been pretty draining. I managed to get reasonable amount of sleep during the week (am I having better work habits?!). It didn’t help that the last exam, circuits, was a super tough exam and most of the class is hoping for a pass. We all knew it would be the …

SamExams are over…


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Even though my work is not done, I can’t resist taking out my camera. I won’t let Engineering take over my life entirely. Since my current laptop’s USB drives are not working, I can’t get to any of my older files. So I can only upload recent shots taken in Waterloo. If anyone like OBSCURE music like my friend Ludwik, …


Pre-exam Period

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This term is not getting any easier. This weekend almost everyone in the class is dedicated to the 30page Real Time Operating System document that is due Friday.It has been cold in Waterloo, 3 snow days already and it is not even halloween yet. Here are some pictures around campus. Giant Laser hitting the building! jokes are lame. :P …

SamPre-exam Period

Mechatronics FC

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Our class has a tradition of joining the campus wide soccer league every term. This term we have a MEGA team consisting of 25 members. It is not enough for 2 teams but sometimes. We have substituted the entire team at onc Captain Ludwik Anthony: “The dream’s over…” Our Advance Calculus Prof is also on the team!

SamMechatronics FC

Life in Waterloo

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Here is an example of what happens when I am bored in class: this is Ludwik’s eraser:After Brandon got a hold of it… Ludwik trying to be a rockstar. Nice try… Trying to feed 5 grown up boys can be a chore! This is last Saturday’s breakfast made by Ludwik and I to prepare for the double header soccer game.

SamLife in Waterloo