Post Exam in Mongolian

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Done and done! Class party at Mongolian was a lot of fun and a good way to wrap up the term. We flooded Mongolian and the waitress had to shove us aside to get through. All the boys and they pansy-ass Martinis! AJung and Utsav arm-wrestling…then showing off their guns. haha Fatin wanted to eat my camera! Paul seeking revenge …

SamPost Exam in Mongolian

Back in Toronto

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The end of my co-op term came by very quickly and I was almost unready to leave. I must say this term has been a very good experience both in work and also learning to live independently. My parents and brother drove down to get me because I tend to have a habit of buying things and not being able …

SamBack in Toronto

TD Banknorth Garden

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So my roommate works as a security guard at the TD Banknorth Garden (equivalent to the Air Canada Center in Toronto) and he was very kind to give me a tour of the place this tuesday. The total seating is about 19,000. Here I was on the press level on the 9th floor. Walking on the floor the NBA teams …

SamTD Banknorth Garden

Cottage at Rick’s

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This past weekend was my company’s camping trip and Rick was very kind to open up his cottage for us to enjoy. Rick is known around the company as a “Man with many toys” and his cottage is no exception. With half a dozen boats, 9 kayaks, and floating devices to entertain 30+ people for the entire weekend. I woke …

SamCottage at Rick’s

July 4th Fireworks

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Boston is known for its celebration for the 4th of July with its all day concert and grand firework displays. Even though I am not a fan of big crowds I realized that this is a good opportunity to try out some firework shooting techniques. Together with a few of Randy’s roommate’s friends we packed a watermelon, some jello, and …

SamJuly 4th Fireworks

Airport Close Call

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So I have began work and I must say that this term is much much better than my previous workterm. The people are really easy-going and very helpful. I am doing some CAD work right now and eventually I will be helping out more on the workfloor and maybe even work on the military hummers (maybe test drive?!?!). Boston Sunset …

SamAirport Close Call