Cottage at Rick’s

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This past weekend was my company’s camping trip and Rick was very kind to open up his cottage for us to enjoy. Rick is known around the company as a “Man with many toys” and his cottage is no exception. With half a dozen boats, 9 kayaks, and floating devices to entertain 30+ people for the entire weekend. I woke …

SamCottage at Rick’s

Boston Zoo

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What happens when you put two immature 20 something guys together and put them in a zoo? You get this. This is Randy. He is a Waterloo Mechanical Grad and we are working in the same company. At work, we stand together to fight against those Americans that use Fahrenheit, Gallons, and Inches… Sunday’s weather was perfect. Blue sky with …

SamBoston Zoo

Fisheye Lens!

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The newest addition to my equipment: 8mm Fisheye lensIt is very different from all the other lens I have used before and depending on where you place the object in the shot it can be distorted in different ways. Things can appear as a dot on the picture. So this weekend I primarily focused on using this lens to learn …

SamFisheye Lens!

Stop the rain!

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So it has been raining non-stop for the past 2 weeks and many parts of Boston is flooded and some major roads have also been washed away. The area I live in is at a higher elevation so we are not very affected. Today it has finally stopped raining and the sun is out. So I took out my camera …

SamStop the rain!