Team Allegro – Winter TUC Season

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The season finally ended but we had a terrific finish when we beat our nemisis, The Green Machine, at the play-offs. Photos were taken with the Fuji Instax200 Camera, classic. Thanks for a great season and all the 11pm games!

SamTeam Allegro – Winter TUC Season

How Carnivals are Born

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CNE, Canadian National Exhibition, is opening in less than a week, I happened to walk by while they were assembling the various rides and booths. Very interesting to see how the rides fold together and for transporting to different venues. Advanced tickets are $11, anyone interested?

SamHow Carnivals are Born

Snowboarding at Blue

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Reading week for the poor Engineering students! However, my school just loves to put midterms right after the break to keep us on our toes. Well I had to get my ‘fix’ of snowboarding for the season. We went to Blue Mountain, a great view over the Georgian Bay area. Weather wise it was -1DegC (a little warm), shallow layer …

SamSnowboarding at Blue

Mechatronics Fall Soccer Lineup

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With over 35 people registered on 2 teams, the trons with their red jerseys have made quite a name for ourselves. Enter “Captain Saro and the Planeteers”! Led by Saro and each has a power of earth, wind, water, fire and heart, this team is full of spirit and good times. Half-time. We need to stick to our positions and …

SamMechatronics Fall Soccer Lineup

Shiny Boots

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Yesterday I was trying to find excuses not to study so I checked out the snowboarding store in the University plaza. I ended up going with Ian and walked out with a new set of Burton Command SI bindings and boots. Now I can have more distractions tweaking and mounting them onto my board! The workload is definitely getting heavier …

SamShiny Boots

Raptors Vs Celtics

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On Sunday I went with Jon, Karen and Justin to the Raptor’s game. Even the snowstorm couldn’t dampen the spirit of the fans and it was a full-house at the Air Canada Center. The Celtics were running for the best track record and the Raptors were on a winning streak so both teams really wanted the win to keep the …

SamRaptors Vs Celtics