fish fish fish

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Elvin and I left the house at 5AM to go fishing. In the beginning I kept getting my line hooked on rocks. I gave up on catching bass and targeted at easier subjects, in the end I caught 3 sunfish and 6 gobis! We got back to Toronto for all-you-can-eat sushi. With 7 guys at the table they know it …

Samfish fish fish

Blue Mountain Weekend

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Spending two days with Ian, Kathy, and Shirley at the Blue Mountain Resort was definitely a good way to unwind after the school term. Good news is that I passed 3A, I was actually quite worried for System Models. Why do the girls still drive so slowly when they are Go-Karting? I almost sent Ian into the stack of rubber …

SamBlue Mountain Weekend

Exam Time

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Crunch time: 2 down, 3 more to go. Yesterday after the exam Steve, AJung, and I went to Waterloo Park to feed the ducks. We saw a seagull got its butt kicked by a mother duck because it got too close to the little ducklings. Then we saw a snapping turtle in the water! It has algae all over its …

SamExam Time

Mechatronics F.C. Vs F.C. Mechatronics

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Soccer is a big thing in our class, this term about 30% of the class is on the soccer teams. Leading up to the head to head game there was a lot of trash talking and clashes between the two teams. Lab partners refusing to work together, roommates refused to talk to each other….overall not a very pleasant learning environment. …

SamMechatronics F.C. Vs F.C. Mechatronics

Happy Canada’s Day

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It has been a pretty bumpy ride, not physically but emotionally. *Chin up* right Karen? Well, let the long weekend begin! This week the two Mechatronics soccer teams were going against head-to-head at 6pm. Unfortunately the game was cancelled due to a thunderstorm at 4pm, both teams still showed up and we played an excellent game. Putting me in net …

SamHappy Canada’s Day

Toronto FC

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It is amazing that very few people even know that Toronto has a soccer team but yet they have the loudest and most enthusistic fans EVER. Pouyan gave me the ticket as a birthday present but at the last minute he found out he has a soccer game at the same time so my brother came in as a substitute. …

SamToronto FC