End of Soccer Season

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This week I attended a talk given by former Canadian Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, and she was a phenomenal public speaker and the thing taht touched me the most how passionate she is about Canada. Canadians have a reputation of being passive and lukewarm about our country compared to our southern neighbour. But in fact we have so much to …

SamEnd of Soccer Season

Mechatronics FC

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Our class has a tradition of joining the campus wide soccer league every term. This term we have a MEGA team consisting of 25 members. It is not enough for 2 teams but sometimes. We have substituted the entire team at onc Captain Ludwik Anthony: “The dream’s over…” Our Advance Calculus Prof is also on the team!

SamMechatronics FC

Cottage at Rick’s

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This past weekend was my company’s camping trip and Rick was very kind to open up his cottage for us to enjoy. Rick is known around the company as a “Man with many toys” and his cottage is no exception. With half a dozen boats, 9 kayaks, and floating devices to entertain 30+ people for the entire weekend. I woke …

SamCottage at Rick’s