Copley Area

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It is raining again in Boston. This weekend I took up my fisheye lens and head down to try some interior shots. The green line is the oldest subway system in the United States and its paths are very convoluted and hence it screeches a lot and you really have to hold on tight. It was also nice to see …

SamCopley Area

Boston [Old Town]

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I was delighted on Saturday morning when I woke up and saw blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. I decided not to waste the beautiful weather and will go explore downtown Boston. For the rest of the term I will probably be exploring and traveling alone because Seiji, my roommate, thinks I am 1) too touristy with all the …

SamBoston [Old Town]

Rainy Week

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My other roommate in the house, Hong, can really cook. He is one of those people who is very critical about what he eats (very different from me) and I used to think he can’t back up his claims. Well he is no bluff and this week we went shopping and he decided to make lasagna, man I didn’t know …

SamRainy Week

Boston Week 1

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So I arrived in Boston after a 14hr bus ride consisting of many stopovers and last-minute bus hopping while carring 2 luggage and my gigantic backpack. The city is very beautiful and in general seems to be very clean and well maintained. The downside is that it is expensive (except their $1 McChicken!). US is pretty weird, so far I …

SamBoston Week 1