Quick Review of 2015.

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Wow 2015 went by so fast! But also a very exciting year. A quick look back at the first post of 2015 and see how things have changed. Won’t bore you with a recap of Amber’s development. You can about the monthly updates HERE. Feeling adventurous, we embarked on a road trip to Montreal for a good friend’s wedding at …

SamQuick Review of 2015.

Hello 2015!

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A quick look back at 2014 and also what is to come in 2015. Our big trip this year was to Hawaii where we explored Maui and Big Island. I gotta see my first Air Show, it was amazing! Exploring the half-demolished hospital By far the biggest change is the little one in Carmen’s belly. 2015 will be exciting, definitely …

SamHello 2015!

Rewarding Finish

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I had ran into a ‘photog’s block’ recently. About a month ago, I had to move some files around in my hard drive and incidentally I lost all the XMP files associated with my recent Hong Kong here we come.

SamRewarding Finish

Happy New Year – 2013!

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2012 felt like it went by so fast, but upon more reflection a lot has happened. To list a few of the highlights: Snowplate in Sudbury Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks

SamHappy New Year – 2013!

Look up to the Sky.

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It has been busy as Carmen and I are getting down to planning our wedding for October! Couple quick shots from our wanderings in this warm summer season! Look up and enjoy the bright blue skies!

SamLook up to the Sky.

Dark Week.

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It’s been a tough week, both at work and hearing about bad news from those around us. Hope to focus on what we have and our friends/family in these difficult times.

SamDark Week.