Quick Review of 2015.

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Wow 2015 went by so fast! But also a very exciting year. A quick look back at the first post of 2015 and see how things have changed. Won’t bore you with a recap of …

SamQuick Review of 2015.

Hello 2015!

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A quick look back at 2014 and also what is to come in 2015. Our big trip this year was to Hawaii where we explored Maui and Big Island. I gotta see my first Air …

SamHello 2015!

Rewarding Finish

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I had ran into a ‘photog’s block’ recently. About a month ago, I had to move some files around in my hard drive and incidentally I lost all the XMP files associated with my recent …

SamRewarding Finish

Happy New Year – 2013!

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2012 felt like it went by so fast, but upon more reflection a lot has happened. To list a few of the highlights: Snowplate in Sudbury Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks

SamHappy New Year – 2013!

Look up to the Sky.

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It has been busy as Carmen and I are getting down to planning our wedding for October! Couple quick shots from our wanderings in this warm summer season! Look up and enjoy the bright blue …

SamLook up to the Sky.

Dark Week.

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It’s been a tough week, both at work and hearing about bad news from those around us. Hope to focus on what we have and our friends/family in these difficult times.

SamDark Week.