Day 365 of 2010.

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Wow it is the end of the year already. A quick re-cap: Started the year off at Cambodia & Vietnam Wandered through different parts of Hong Kong Hiked in the Adirondacks (Part I, II) Relaxing and lighting things on fire at Jenn’s cottage Visiting Boston and spending some time at the New England Aquarium and first time stepping foot in …

SamDay 365 of 2010.

Out and About.

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Train, work, train, home. Life can quickly turn into a routine. It was fun to take out the camera, take a detour and be reminded why I love taking photos in the first place. This photo looks like the cover to a video game. Fluffy plant highlighted by the sun. Intense blue!

SamOut and About.

Hiking in Adirondacks Pt.I

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Adirondack Park is located in the northeastern part of New York state that covers approximately 6.1 million acres (24,700 km²). It is part of the Appalachian Mountains and contains the 46 High Peaks. The planning came together pretty last minute, since when we had meetings they quickly turned into a night of boardgames. After we crossed the border, we found …

SamHiking in Adirondacks Pt.I

Idols of many faces.

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During the Chinese New Year celebrations, many of the believers paid homage at the temples or the local shrines. I took this opportunity to visit and learn more about the many rituals and the idols for the worshipers. The belief is that by when the offerings are burnt it will ascend up to the heavens for them to enjoy. Generals …

SamIdols of many faces.

Weekend Excursions – in 10 photos.

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Recently spent 3 weeks in HK/China for work. While I spent most of the time in China, I had the opportunity to wander around Hong Kong during the weekends. Mom took me to Lin Heung Tea House [蓮香樓] for some classic dim sum in Central. Maneuvering the dim sum carts in the crowded dining hall. The waiter comes to refill …

SamWeekend Excursions – in 10 photos.