A Year in Review

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2009. A quick little recap of this eventful year! Marwikpolooza, we need more cowbells! Oreo -> Nutella -> Oreo -> Nutella -> Oreo Pirates vs Popes. Jolivet directing the Argo, our 4th Year Final Project. Mechatronics Design Symposium MTE vs Prof Wang’s family + TAs, too much trash talking! Class of Mechatronics 2009 IRS and Pancake Breakfast Last few exams… …

SamA Year in Review

Over and Out.

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Composed this at 2am after finish packing but forgot to publish it! Some recent snapshots from Downtown Toronto. Traffic on Spadina Avenue. I think my obsession for streetcars can rival Horace’s passion for Kettenkarussell. Fun fact of the day, my flight booking number is LBA9YE. For non-Pentax fanboys, LBA stands for Lens Buying Addiction. Haha! Trains pulling into Union Station …

SamOver and Out.

I see a different world…

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They get so absorbed into their Blackberries and work they failed to look up. Toronto Union Station. I have been really busy lately, so the posts have been pretty brief. I hope to get more organized and post more thorough posts.

SamI see a different world…

In the Motherland, One Action at a Time

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Things spinning out of control and I find myself working on the assembly line to help increase production. Luckily I brought along a nice set of Snap-On gloves! Zhang, 3rd on the left, cooks a mean curry and Sue, 7th on the right, is currently the bottleneck in the line. Break is over, back to work! Hope to have more …

SamIn the Motherland, One Action at a Time

Simple Joys in Life

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It is easy to absorbed by all the emails, phone calls, and routines. Next week take some time to look around for the simple joys in life! A poster in the subway platform. Blue skies captured from Ian’s car as we were cruising down Sheppard. Rabbit grazing as I rush to catch the GO train. Ladybugs tanning along Front St.

SamSimple Joys in Life

My Journey in Asia – Nine to Nine

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I have finally published my photos from last year’s travels! It was a struggle every step of the way, mainly due to my last-minute nature and lack of ability to tranfer my thoughts onto paper. This book contains some of my best works and it is very satisfying to hold the physical book in my hands. I really want to …

SamMy Journey in Asia – Nine to Nine