Aerial Tour at 3,000ft

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A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience flying in a small aircraft and tour several cities! Last year I did an engagement photoshoot for Oleg and Nicole at the aircraft hangar. We have been meaning to go together but prior attempts were cancelled due to weather conditions. Oleg going through the pre-flight inspection and checklist. Another plane …

SamAerial Tour at 3,000ft

Nikon F3HP – Roll 1

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Recently I came into possession of a Nikon F3 Package. I am very excited to own this legendary photojournalist camera that was introduced in 1980. The Package includes 5 lenses, 1 tele-converter, 2 interchangeable viewfinders, 2 focus screens, and 2 flashes. Kicking things off I put in a roll of a ASA400 B&W film and below are the results. Of …

SamNikon F3HP – Roll 1

Photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2

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This past week, while holding Amber in one hand and working on the computer, I decided to go through my photos on my cellphone. Here are 10 images from around Toronto over the years. To those that know me, I don’t use my cellphone much and am really bad at picking up the phone….so most people resort to calling Carmen …

SamPhotos with my Samsung Galaxy S2

Autumn Scenery

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Fall is our favourite season and this year we just past our 2-yr anniversary. It’s been a very busy summer with wedding photoshoots, but I still enjoy taking the camera with me when we are walking around. Nowadays I try to pick one lens to go with the body, to focus on framing and not worry too much about equipment. …

SamAutumn Scenery

Summer Storm over Toronto

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Couple weeks ago a big storm blew through Southern Ontario. Carmen & I were home and we stepped out to our balcony and see the dark clouds roll in. The ominous clouds over Liberty Village. Fortunately, the storm was over in about 30 minutes. Sun peeked out and people resume their normal lives.

SamSummer Storm over Toronto

Frozen Landscape in Toronto

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What a winter it has been, first we had the snowstorm, then ice covered everything, and recently we have had temperatures dipping below with wind chills -40C (-40F)! Here are some shots when we walked around the Lakeshore and High Park area on one of the warmer days. With the thawing and freezing, many areas in High Park are under …

SamFrozen Landscape in Toronto