Sushi Lunch

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You would think that since all 4 of us are now over 20 we would be a little more grown up… I was busted for ‘spicing up’ Kathy’s food. They tried the same trick on our sushi but Ian ate it without even realizing it was rigged, we always manage to foil their evil plans! While Ian and I were …

SamSushi Lunch

Airport Close Call

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So I have began work and I must say that this term is much much better than my previous workterm. The people are really easy-going and very helpful. I am doing some CAD work right now and eventually I will be helping out more on the workfloor and maybe even work on the military hummers (maybe test drive?!?!). Boston Sunset …

SamAirport Close Call

Leaving Toronto

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I am excited but at the same time I have never been away from home for this long. Even though I go to school in Waterloo but I can always go home during the term to restock on my mom’s goodies and other supplies. This time I will be 10hr away from home and be in a different country, the …

SamLeaving Toronto