Hawaii – Road to South Point

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On the West side of Volcano National Park lies the most southernmost point of the Big Island and of the 50 United States. Turning off the Route 11, it is a 20 mile narrow road that leads to the windswept cliffs. The weather changes rapidly in the windy region and we were lucky to have great weather once we arrived. …

SamHawaii – Road to South Point

Hawaii – Volcano National Park

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Heading South from Captain Cook & Kona we arrived at the Volcano National Park at the South Eastern corner of the Big Island. We began by hiking the Kīlauea Iki Trail, which starts in the rainforest along the crater’s rim. You can see the steam coming off lava in the distance. Descending into the crater floor. At spots steam is …

SamHawaii – Volcano National Park

Hawaii – Captain Cook and Kona

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After our late night flight into the Big Island from the 18 km hike at Haleakala, we woke up to calm Sky at Captain Cook near Kona. The region is where Captian James Cook made landfall on the Big Island in 1779. We picked up our rental car and got upgraded to a Ford Fusion. There are so many high-tech …

SamHawaii – Captain Cook and Kona

Hawaii – Sliding Sands & Halemau’u Trail, Haleakala

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After our ‘rest day‘, we made one last attempt to do a hike on the Haleakala. It was also our last day on Maui. Wanting to trek the longest day trail at 11.2 miles (18 km)- Sliding Sands Trail in, Halemau’u Trail Out, we got up at 4am to make the drive up. Right before sunrise we saw the clouds …

SamHawaii – Sliding Sands & Halemau’u Trail, Haleakala

Hawaii – One Relaxing Day

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Taking a break after the trek across the ancient lava fields, we decided to enjoy a rest day to unwind…or so we thought. We stopped at Grandma’s Coffee House in Kula for a hearty breakfast & locally grown coffee. The row of stores along the highway provide a nice rest stop for drivers/bikers. We drove uphill towards the Polipoli Springs …

SamHawaii – One Relaxing Day

Hawaii – Haleakalā & King’s Highway

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To see the sunrise from the top of Haleakalā (“House of the Sun”), we started driving up along Crater Road (Route 378) in the upcountry region at 5am, it was pitch black as we navigate along the 22 miles course towards the summit. Occasionally we can see other cars’ headlights snaking along the curves. Here is a view from Puʻu …

SamHawaii – Haleakalā & King’s Highway