Philippines: Tinglayan to Clark

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Due to the Christmas Holidays, we were told there won’t be any more buses/jeepneys so we had to leave Clark. In total we spent about 17hrs in transit to get back to Clark Airport, that was rough. On Christmas Day, we went to the airport, got our flights moved up, and flew back to Hong Kong. That concludes our ‘honeymoon’ …

SamPhilippines: Tinglayan to Clark

Philippines: Tinglayan & Nearby Villages

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Arriving in Tinglayan after our Whang Od – the last Karlinga mambabatek (Tattoo artist) involving charcoal and orange thorn. Whang Od is 92 year old and do not rely on glasses or additional tools, you can see some of the intrigue patterns along her arms. A woman pounding on the rice stalks to break the shells. Leaving Buscalan and cross …

SamPhilippines: Tinglayan & Nearby Villages

Philippines: Banaue & Tinglayan

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Early the next morning, we had a hearty breakfast with pancakes & coffee and left the village of Bontoc to spend a night before going further into the Kalinga region. We strolled along the main street and admired the numerous tricycles constantly buzzing to & fro. Christmas week is a major holiday in the Philippines, where a lot city dwellers …

SamPhilippines: Banaue & Tinglayan

Philippines: Part 1.

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This is the beginning of our Honeymoon in the Philippines. Before I start, many people have asked us “Why the Philippines?”. Well let me walk you through how Carmen and I made the decisions. It was early November and we were just busy settling into our new place, we wanted to booked our flights for the honeymoon and set the …

SamPhilippines: Part 1.