Snowplate 2011 – Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs

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Mom: Where are you going? Me: Sudbury (3.5hr north of Toronto) Mom: What are you doing there? Me: Frisbee…outdoors, with snow. And that is what I did in the past weekend. Meeting up with teams from all over Ontario in 1ft of snow chasing a Frisbee. But it was fun! We were the Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs, a merger between pirates …

SamSnowplate 2011 – Swashbuckling Golasz Chefs

Winter Wonderland

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Waking up on Sunday the entire view was covered by a fresh layer of snow resting on any surface. The stillness in the air and cool air was very refreshing. Rain or shine, the Tai Chi students join in their morning exercies.

SamWinter Wonderland