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My name is Samuel Cheng and I am an employee at Spin Master. I am a Senior Product Engineer at Spin Master Ltd, working with toys everyday! Working at Spin Master also provided me with a lot of opportunities to travel to Hong Kong & China.

My first photography assignment was from my brother, was too lazy to do his own assignment and sent me to the annual Santa Claus Parade, my dad setup his old Canon FT film camera and taught me how to focus and fire away. I was hooked.

Shortly after that we got our first digital cameras, I got in the habit of bringing my camera everywhere and experiment with the different settings. In 2004, I got my first D-SLR, the Pentax *ist DS and I have been using Pentax camera every since. I am currently a very happy owner of the K-3 & Olympus OMD EM-5.

I have been a contract photographer for:

  • Wedding & Engagement
  • Baby Photography
  • New England Aquarium
  • Her World Magazine (Singapore)
  • Prestige Magazine (Singapore)
  • Where Boston Magazine
  • InSight Magazine
  • Spin Master Ltd
  • Devron Developments
  • Tides Canada
  • Smith + Andersen
  • Azure Dynamics Inc
  • Buskro Ltd
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation
  • The Truth 242

    Feel free to browse through the my published work, galleries or the latest blog posts.
    If you’d like to discuss about buying prints, contract work, or going on random adventures please drop me a line!

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