Fisheye Lens!

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The newest addition to my equipment: 8mm Fisheye lensIt is very different from all the other lens I have used before and depending on where you place the object in the shot it can be distorted in different ways. Things can appear as a dot on the picture. So this weekend I primarily focused on using this lens to learn …

SamFisheye Lens!

Pet Chinchilla

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Everybody meet Suri the Chinchilla! She is our new pet in the house (we are pet-sitting for the summer) and since my landlord is on vacation I am in charge of this little critter. After my disastrous encounter with mice I vowed never to get a stupid pet again. At first I thought this furry looking rabbit/squirrel is pretty dumb …

SamPet Chinchilla

Boston [Old Town]

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I was delighted on Saturday morning when I woke up and saw blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. I decided not to waste the beautiful weather and will go explore downtown Boston. For the rest of the term I will probably be exploring and traveling alone because Seiji, my roommate, thinks I am 1) too touristy with all the …

SamBoston [Old Town]

Stop the rain!

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So it has been raining non-stop for the past 2 weeks and many parts of Boston is flooded and some major roads have also been washed away. The area I live in is at a higher elevation so we are not very affected. Today it has finally stopped raining and the sun is out. So I took out my camera …

SamStop the rain!

Rainy Week

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My other roommate in the house, Hong, can really cook. He is one of those people who is very critical about what he eats (very different from me) and I used to think he can’t back up his claims. Well he is no bluff and this week we went shopping and he decided to make lasagna, man I didn’t know …

SamRainy Week