Rainy Week

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My other roommate in the house, Hong, can really cook. He is one of those people who is very critical about what he eats (very different from me) and I used to think he can’t back up his claims. Well he is no bluff and this week we went shopping and he decided to make lasagna, man I didn’t know there was so much involved with all types of cheese, the degree of doneness of the pasta, ground beef, and the sauce. It took over 2hrs to prepare, 40min to bake and 15min to cool (he wouldn’t let me ‘sample’ during this whole time). The end product was the best lasagna I have ever had and even though it looked so good with all the melted cheese and meat chunks I didn’t feel bad cutting into it and helping myself with another serving. The picture doesn’t do justice to the actual thing but nonetheless I had to take a picture.

So it has been raining for the past week. We have a little stream running by us down the hill and our garage is flooded with water. On Saturday morning we had an open house (my landlord is trying to sell the house by end of August) so the morning was spent cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing very old stains off cabinet doors. We couldn’t stay in the house so I went downtown to check out the area but the tall buildings made the wind much stronger and in no time I was soaked from head to toe even with an umbrella.

I tried to use my camera but the lens gets blurry from the raindrops so after about 2hrs I was defeated and had to go underground for cover. In the downtown district the subway stations, or so-called ‘T-stops’, are very well designed and some have pretty interested layouts. There are some entrances that would only allow you to go in one direction and the other entrance is about two blocks away even though you are tempted to just jump over to the other platform.

Another interesting thing about the ‘T-employees’ are that they hate people taking pictures within the public transit property. At the end station I was setting up my tripod and the operator came all the way from the other end to stop me and give me a long lecture about how only people with permits accompanied by a Boston Transit official is allowed to take pictures. I smiled and nodded at him politely and took a seat on the platform. The bell rung and the operator had to get back to his job, the last thing that he saw before leaving the platform was a flash from my camera and the same polite smile on my face.

I win!

Due to the rain I didn’t want to get the electronic contacts wet so I didn’t change my lenses. I was limited in my focal lengths but it also forced me try and shoot with those constraints. Here are some pictures, enjoy!

SamRainy Week

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  1. Girl from the Moon

    Geez Mister.. You’re JUST updating your blog aren’t you? LOL. I was reading the second blog about mother’s day and it refreshed itself to a rainy day. ^^
    Hope you’re doing good.

    From Missy…

  2. Ian

    hahhh. im loving the pics man.. really sick :) glad you’re having a good time. Looks like you’re having a blast with all the photo taking and everything.

    I’m living a lot like you are.. I have a bed table, a bed a closet, and a coffee table in my room.. pretty ghetto . .but over here.. i cant jsutify paying a ton for rent.. so its gotta do.

    you might find this cool
    its a photo tour of a state of the art Volkswagon’s plant in Germany

    just thought u mechatronics students might enjoy it.

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