Moving again?!

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So this past two weeks I have been very busy looking for housing… My landlord has just sold the house and even though in the beginning he had promised that we can stay till August 25th the new owners have to move in by the end of this month so we are getting evicted. It is so annoying to get back on the net and search for places that meet our requirements. The place needs to be less than $600, internet, temporary lease, close to work or on bus route… Fortunately I found this place to stay for the next two months and it is pretty cool. I will be closer to the subway, stores, town centers. I hope that I can travel down to Boston even on weeknights without having to worry about buses stop running at 8pm.

Talking about moving. I swapped rooms with Seiji at the beginning of the month cause I don’t want to hear the washroom noises anymore.

It’s crazy that I am moving 3 times in 4 months!

On Friday, I promised to go to the Elks for fish and chips with Randy, a Waterloo Mechanical grad. The other people were all going for Chinese Buffet and since they know I love the Chicken Teriyaki there I got an email titled “You know you want Chicken Teriyaki” and also some harassment in the cubicle. Haha.

Coworker1: Comeon, let go for Chinese today.
Me: Nah, promised Randy about fish day.
Coworker2: You going to the Elks? Did you bring a big bottle of TUMS and degreaser?
Me: It’s not that unhealthy is it?!?
Coworker1: Comeon, there are like no fat Chinese people but plenty of fat Elks. Chinese food is better.
Me: Real Chinese places would murder you for pouring sweet and sour sauce on their rice.

This is the souvenir from my coworkers. They saved all their chichen teriyaki sticks and brought it back for me.

SamMoving again?!

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