Obervation #1

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Americans love routines. They like to do the same job, eat the same food, hang out with the same people, watch the same shows…etc.
Even on their vacations they know exactly what will happen. They will be lying on a beach, have the chance to eat as much as they want, whatever they want, and whenever they want. No surprises.

Interesting facts: Every 6 hours the world loses rainforest the size of Boston.

Next time after you finish drying your hands with paper towel from the washroom unfold it and take a look at all the dry patches. Maybe you can try to take less paper to do the same job and save some trees!

SamObervation #1

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  1. AJung

    Every SIX hours? That’s crazy!!! I’ve been killing so many trees!! I mean.. look at all the paper I’ve used for my essays.. tsk tsk…

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